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Wind Turbine Market in India & South East Asia Outlook Update H1 2020

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Report Summary COVID-19 pandemic is expected to cause wind commissioning project delays due to disruptions to the supplies from China. Hence, sluggish wind power capacity to be expected in H1 2020

Wind Turbine Market in India & South East Asia Outlook Update H1 2020

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    Imports of Wind turbine to India to take a massive hit in H1 2020 as Chinese Wind turbine manufacturing market experienced a slowdown due to spread of COVID 19 globally

    Wind installations levels in India have significantly declined after the reverse auction mechanism was introduced in the wind sector after several years of growth. Moreover, India installed only 2.4 GW (1.23 GW in H1 2019) of wind capacity in 2019 which is close to 34% below the estimated targeted wind capacity. The dismal response of the wind capacity addition is mainly attributed to the financial stress of turbine makers, land acquisition issues and grid connectivity delays resulting in denting investors sentiments in wind segment. However, COVID-19 outbreak has effected the supply chains that begin in or go through China. As a result of the factory shutdowns in China during H1 2020, many disruptions have been felt across the supply chain including the imports. Consequently, India turbine market take a hit due to restrictions on transportation of wind turbine from China as close to 80-85% of the wind turbine are imported from China. Thus, fresh investments in the wind energy segment to take a hit in India which shall have the cascading effect on new wind energy capacity additions in H1 2020

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