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Wind Market Outlook in India - 2018

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Report Summary Analysing state-wise business Opportunity for Developers, Funding Bodies & OEM’s in India till 2022

Wind Market Outlook in India - 2018

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    Wind power auctions in India started in early 2017, and post then the country has witnessed a cumulative 5 GW of wind power going under hammer. The wind tariff in India touched lowest level of INR 2.64 per kWh in the second wind auction conducted in October, 2017, by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), which was much lower than that of INR 3.46 per kWh in first round of auction in February, 2017.

    Post-FY 2012 the focus from wind power started to gradually shift to solar power and post FY 2014 the impetus in terms of favorable policy incentives solar power witnessed a boom leaving wind to be the second fiddle only in the renewable energy space. But the vision 2022 also aims to raise the capacity of wind power in the country which led GoI to push the business case of wind power in the country and launch e-auctions for same through the aegis of SECI.

    Key Queries Resolved

    • What shall be the changing paradigm post the auction in the country?
    • What shall be capacity additions prospect for wind power auctions by FY 2022?
    • What shall be the key challenges in succeeding the wind power auctions in India?
    • Which state’s shall improve the PPA scenario and not abandon old power plants amidst auctions?
    • What will be the gains for project developers, OEMs and Discoms in auctions?
    • What will be the opportunity for having a dedicated transmission corridor for auctioned projects?
    • What would be the opportunity for open access through the auctioned projects under medium and long-term?


    • Gaining priority in power supplies in the country with preference in ISTS
    • Auction of 1 GW /month being planned
    • Stricter norms being implemented to honor PPAs
    • Falling prices for wind power, adding to gaining popularity
    • Changing horizons of opportunity for value-chain players in the country
    • Business case of Open Access gaining momentum in demand centers of the country
    • Discoms adding to their green power portfolio
    • Investors having safe havens with sustained returns, and NPAs to be a rarity for wind sector in future

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