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Will the picked up pace in recent digital transformation pave the way for data center investment in India?

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Report Summary India is expected to have 2 Billion IoT devices at the end of 2021 as compared to 60 Million in 2016 (~140% annual growth) making the country the frontrunner to become the new data hub across the globe due to such data explosion.

Will the picked up pace in recent digital transformation pave the way for data center investment in India?

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    “We are living in a world of change. Its no longer – Business As Usual”. The corporate world is rapidly changing the strategies in order to survive in a competitive environment through continuous innovations. So, the accelerated shift towards digital is one of the core agenda in the companies strategy list. Furthermore, the improved focus by the Government on Digital India (a flagship program) with enough fillip from the “Smart Cities Mission” to improve and penetrate digital infrastructure has set the ball rolling leading to an unprecedented digital explosion in the Indian digital economy. Moreover, as the world locked down following the coronavirus outbreak, and a huge proportion of the global population was forced to work remotely, data providers quickly experienced a surge in demand. Consequently, the data centre sector was brought into the spotlight as one with great potential to flourish for the data centre infrastructure provider and the after the pandemic.
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