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Why capping net metering in India turning into a conundrum?

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Report Summary Why capping net metering in India turning into a conundrum? Are we following a “herd” mindset in deciding the winners and losers instead of designing for a win-win for both consumers and discoms?

Why capping net metering in India turning into a conundrum?

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    We firmly believe in the ethos of business and while we boast of an advisory firm, the responsibility for us even widens to cater to each faction of the industry while designing or offering solutions. Arguably, it is unfortunate to witness “a certain degree of bias” by media and even established advisory firms in catching the trend and putting out content which is far off being well rounded. We won’t divulge much on to that and shall leave to the wisdom of readers to be judicious enough to learn all perspectives and not being focused upon skewed one’s to forge the understanding! Honestly, there must be a departure from the “herd” mindset in following the trend and pushing content which are either partial or biased sans facts and deep-rooted understanding. Nonetheless, we shall remain just and true to our endeavors to push a well-rounded perspective for the market developments.
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