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Vadodara - City Facts, PEST Analysis, Key Industries & Investment Opportunity Profile

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Report Summary Detailed PEST Analysis, Key Industries Analysed with Investment Opportunities in a Boon to Self Reliant India

Vadodara - City Facts, PEST Analysis, Key Industries & Investment Opportunity Profile

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    Vadodara, formerly also known as Baroda, is the third-largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat. The city traces its existence to 1816 with high-quality urban infrastructure and sits on the banks of the Vishwamitri River, in central Gujarat.

    Connectivity to some of the biggest business hubs in the state of Gujarat like Surat, Ahmedabad makes Vadodara a great quasi-hub for private investors in various large-scale industries.

    Vadodara is very well backed by both Government support and social infrastructures which make the city a potential destination for investments across allied industrial sectors. Moreover, the layout and demographics of the city has made Vadodara rank 4th in the Smart City Plan implementation which shall put more thrust in bringing in investments from private players across the globe. Also, the city has very well-established industrial clusters for chemicals and fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, engineering etc. Moreover, With strong governance and infra development backing the city, Vadodara poses a strong foundation for being a ‘Next - Best’ City for investment opportunities.

    Major Industries Include – Chemicals & Fertilisers, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cotton Textiles, Machine tools, Glass, Engineering, Tobacco, Fisheries and Dairy Products
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