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Upcoming EPC, Retrofitting, Modernization and Expansion Project Tracker in India

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Report Summary Comprehensive Market Size Of Upcoming Projects In India Till 2025 With Project Tracker

Upcoming EPC, Retrofitting, Modernization and Expansion Project Tracker in India

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    New projects and capacity are always in contention for epc players in india, given the growth rate of economy, the business case of retrofitting, modernization and expansion are gaining push as green economy and demand response are in serious contention for the country

    Tagged as “Developing” nation, quest for building a better India is always on Government’s agenda in order to provide state of the art infrastructure facilities to the people. Going by the current trends of growth rate of economy, India is increasingly a focal point for EPC players to develop new projects in energy, commercial and industrial sector making it USD 150-200 Billion market size in EPC segment by 2025. Given the size of growth, new EPC shall remain the quintessential in the future whereas new opportunity backdrop shall evolve under Modernization Retrofitting and Expansion categories in order to cater the demand of growing energy need and push for green economy as a collective goal. For example, 37 units of collective size of 7.36 GW are announced by government to be modernize during 13th year plan wherein 30 units are of CPSU and rest comes under SEB category. Furthermore India plans to invest close to USD 50 Billion for the up-gradation and modernization of infrastructure projects which opens up new business opportunity for value chain players in Roads and highways, Railways and Airport up-gradation projects.

    Upcoming EPC, Retrofitting, Modernization and Expansion Project Tracker in India, 2019 offers a path finding guide to edge passed competition through a detailed track for all the upcoming EPC, modernization, retrofitting and up-gradation projects in India in key energy, infra and industrial segments, along with validated project information. The report encompasses the market size and beautifully unwinds them for all stakeholders to enhance their respective business portfolio. The research objective is to track the upcoming investment opportunity in the Indian EPC, Retrofitting, Modernization and Up gradation space to give the holistic view to unwind the business opportunity for all possible value chain players in the EPC segment. Furthermore with the help of intensive primary and a mix of secondary research , We have list down the track of close to 1000+ Projects along with the contact details.


    • Increase in capital outlay towards transportation infrastructure sector—roads and highways (excluding rural roads) increased to INR. 1.47 lakh crores in 2019-20 budget
    • Increase in capital outlay towards railways to INR. 1.59 lakh crores in 2019-20 BE (up by 14.3% over 2018-19 RE), and Metro Rail projects to INR. 17,714 crores (up by 19.2% over 2018-19 RE) Budgetary support to the railways increased by 21.7% to INR. 64,587 crores
    • Capital outlay towards key schemes of the infrastructure sector, such as the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) increased by 22.6% to INR. 19,000 crore, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY) up by 15.3% to INR. 9,516 crore, AMRUT and Smart Cities Mission (Urban Rejuvenation) by 10.6% to INR. 13,900 crore in comparison to 2018-19 RE

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