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Railway Infrastructure Development Market in India 2019 - Estimating Opportunities For Value Chain Players till 2025

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Railway Infrastructure Development Market in India 2019 - Estimating Opportunities For Value Chain Players till 2025

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    With Growth In Population Pegged At ~ 15 Million On YoY Basis Till 2022 Coupled With Robust Economic Push Anticipated In The Country, Need To Embellish Transport Infrastructure Is Quintessential. Hence, Mobility through Railways in the Country shall witness unprecedented growth with USD 131 Billion pledged till 2022.

    To Cater The Challenge Of Robust And Swift Transportation At Lowest Cost Possible, Railways Shall Play Crucial Role In India. Therefore Enhancing The Quality & Connectivity Of Railway Infrastructure Holds The Key.

    India shall gradually surpass China in terms of population and be most populous country across the world, which shall bring a consistent push to improve upon the current set of infrastructure in the country of which transportation forms a vital part. Looking on to the varying landscape and the vast geography that India caters to and coupled with the fact of being touted as one of the fastest growing economies, the country needs to embellish the quality and connectivity through railway infrastructure. Incidentally, India also happens to be the largest operator of railway network across the globe meaning to improve upon the existing infra the tune of investments shall be massive which shall open up fleet of opportunities for the value chain players. With more than 70% of transportation for both passenger and freight traffic dependent upon railways, it is a prerequisite to enhance the infrastructure, which shall mainly cover three aspects on a broader level namely being civil, mechanical and electrical.


    • The Government has planned to invest USD 131 Billion for aiding “Railway Infrastructure” by 2022
    • Business opportunity of USD 60 Billion, to ensure electrification of the networks.
    • To expand connectivity horizon the need to construct new bridges, tunnels, under pass, over bridge, etc., railway is investing USD 19.5 for value chain players by 2022.
    • Railways looks to develop bigger wagons, containers & coaches for which it has dedicatedly planned to invest USD 15.6 billion by 2022.
    • Under renovation and up gradation plan, India would install elevators, modern announcement system, shopping complex, entry & exit system, 5 lakh CCTV, etc. of worth USD 615 Million.
    • To offset the energy needs of the platforms and local premise buildings railways look to implement greener source of generation and thus has planned to invest USD 7.6 Billion for rooftop solar PV plants installation
    • For implementation of smart infrastructure & modernization of railway stations shall see good investment tune of ~ USD 4 Billion

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