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Power Transmission in India - 2018

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Power Transmission in India - 2018

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    India looks to cross 400 GW mark in terms of installed capacity by FY 2022 meaning heavy transition from current inter regional transmission capacity of 78 GW. Dedicated green energy corridors and enhancement of transformation capacity of existing sub stations, along with setting up of new sub stations will primarily drive the opportunity galore in the sector in near future. Also, since the current power traction dynamics in the country is shaping up more in the favour of open access transactions, a robust and more enabled power transmission infrastructure should be developed in order to facilitate, what is termed as “True Open Access”.

    Power transmission sector in India acts a pivotal role in supplying electricity to the end consumers. It is imperative to note that the growth of power sector is dependent on the development of a robust and non collapsible transmission infrastructure. Post FY 2015, the country has witnessed a robust growth in the terms of renewable capacity addition, with solar being the flag bearer of this growth. Courtesy this, the country witnessed a shift in terms of power generation mix with renewable energy catering to 18.20% of the total installed capacity of approximately 330 GW (as on November, 2017).

    Key Queries Resolved

    • What would be the market size and business potential for the players in power transmission segment
    • What would be the underlying investment tune into the power sector by FY 2022?
    • What would be the total opportunity (in USD) for various value chain players in the power transmission segment by FY 2022?
    • Identifying region wise areas for developing power transmission infrastructure by FY 2022
    • What is the existing capacity and estimating growth of inter regional power transmission capacity by FY 2022?
    • What is the existing capacity and estimating growth of power transmission capacity by FY 2022 in Northern Region?
    • What is the existing capacity and estimating growth of power transmission capacity by FY 2022 in Southern Region?
    • What is the existing capacity and estimating growth of power transmission capacity by FY 2022 in Eastern Region?
    • What is the existing capacity and estimating growth of power transmission capacity by FY 2022 in Western Region?
    • What would be the growth track of substations and HVDC terminals till FY 2022?

    Business Case For Upgradation Of Power Transmission Infrastructure In India

    • Government’s aim to provide 40 million electricity connections under Saubhagya Scheme
    • Government plans to unleash an investment opportunity of INR 1 Lakh Crore for the transmission sector
    • Incentivization of inter state open access charges by the states when power is being wheeled through renewable sources of energy
    • Competitive bidding route gaining ground, encroaching increased private participation
    • Approximate investment tune of INR 4697 Crore of the upcoming transmission projects under tariff based competitive bidding
    • A capacity addition of 27.07 GW of renewable energy in last three and half years. Target of achieving 175 GW through renewables by FY 2022

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