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Power Scenario in India 2018 – State Wise Track

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Report Summary Holistic Compilation of Facts & Analysis on the State Wise Power Situation in India  

Power Scenario in India 2018 – State Wise Track

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    The government’s plan to generate two trillion units (kilowatt hours) of energy by 2019. this means doubling the current production capacity to provide 24×7 electricity for all

    India is the third largest producer and third largest consumer of electricity in the world, with the installed power capacity reaching 345.50 GW as of July, 2018.

    India is in the midst of profound transformation that is moving the country to central stage in many areas of Global Interaction. A vibrant democracy that is home to over 1/6th of the world’s population, India’s modernisation has been gathering up speed and new policies have been introduced to unleash the further growth.

    Economic and population growth, allied to structural trends such as urbanisation and the nature of the envisioned industrialisation, point unmistakably to a trend of continued rapid expansion in demand for energy. Recognising this challenge, Indian policy-makers are making strenuous efforts to remove obstacles to investment in energy supply, while moving ahead with complementary policies on efficiency and energy pricing that can constrain growth in consumption. The analysis and findings in this dossier on India power scenario disclose these multiple pressures and show how policies can affect the evolution of the Indian energy sector so as to realise the huge benefits that a well-managed expansion of energy provision will bring.

    Through this report, Eninrac attempts to unveil the opportunities for the power generation companies, transmission utilities and distribution companies at large. Also, the scenario of Open Access and a track of discoms financial status is done to facilitate the future tendency of power sales. Queries like these and many more find their solutions in the virtue of this report which is to present opportunity verticals for the distinct sub-segments of power sector.


    • What is the Power scenario in different states in India?
    • What is Demand supply gap / Demand – Deficit situation as per states?
    • What is existing and upcoming conventional power generation capacity in India?
    • What are key regions and their attractiveness indices for developing Generation & Transmission projects in India?
    • Who are the best technological solution providers for developing power projects in India?
    • What is the Power Distribution Scenario of India?
    • What is the Power Transmission Scenario of India?
    • What is the level of AT&C Losses in various states?
    • What are the financials of states’ Discoms?
    • What is the existing and upcoming renewable capacity in India?
    • What is the RPO status of various states?
    • What is the potential of Open Access Transactions in India?


    • Expansion in industrial activity to boost demand for electricity
    • Growing population and increasing penetration and per-capita usage to provide further impetus
    • Power consumption is estimated to increase from 1160.1 TWh in 2016 to 1,894.7 TWh in 2022
    • Total FDI inflows in the power sector reached US$ 14.18 billion during April 2000 to June 2018, accounting for 3.64 per cent of total FDI inflows in India
    • Investment for 7 new transmission systems that includes strengthening of national grid have been sanctioned
    • India’s power sector is forecasted to attract investments worth INR 11.56 lakh crore (USD 179.31 billion) between 2017-2022 in thermal, hydro, nuclear and renewables segment
    • Diversification into renewable sources increasing growth avenues
    • 100 per cent FDI allowed in the power sector has boosted FDI inflows in this sector

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