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Natural Gas Pipeline Opportunity 2023 in Asia Pacific Half Yearly Insights

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Report Summary Find out what’s new opportunity for EPC & value chain players across Asia-Pacific nations in natural gas pipeline infrastructure and learn all about the upcoming gas pipeline projects that are proposed and under construction in the region

Natural Gas Pipeline Opportunity 2023 in Asia Pacific Half Yearly Insights

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    As of Jan 2023, Asia-Pacific region boasts a total of 432 operational natural gas pipelines (combined national/transnational/trunk pipelines only) that have a total length of 1,56,297 kms. Presently, the gas carrying capacity of these operational pipelines is nearly is 8.62 lakhs BOed. As per recent data updates nearly double the expansion in the natural gas pipeline infrastructure can be observed in the Asia-Pacific region by 2030, that will increase natural gas pipelines to 845 in count (almost double). China, undoubtedly is anticipated to command the upcoming natural gas transmission infra across the Asia-Pacific Regio. As of Jan 2023, close to 279 number of projects of length 1.6 lakh kms shall see commissioning in China till 2030.

    Asian countries have contributed significantly to commanding global natural gas demand over the past decade. Having said that the global unrest such as – Covid related disruptions, especially in China & Ukraine-Russia war has led to a decline of approximately 2 percent  in Asia’s gas consumption. However Asian gas demand is projected to return to modest growth of around 3-4% in 2023 courtesy to the lifting of China’s zero-Covid policy, an assumption of normalizing weather and the modest recovery of India’s and Emerging Asia’s gas consumption after steep declines in 2022. China’s appetite for LNG ranks among the greatest uncertainties for 2023 not just for the global LNG market, but also for gas supply availability in Europe in the face of severely reduced pipeline gas flows to the continent from Russia
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