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Natural Gas Pipeline Infra Augmentation in India

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Natural Gas Pipeline Infra Augmentation in India

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    USD 60 Billion of investment is anticipated by 2024 in creating Natural gas pipelines in India including pipe infra, LNG terminals and city gas distribution (CGD) networks

    “One Nation One Gas Grid” is the main agenda as the Government plans to double the natural gas pipeline to 34,500 kms by 2025

    For India to achieve the USD 5 trillion economy, the key lies in the development and governance of a robust infrastructure with an aim to achieve energy security. The announcement to become One Nation One Gas Grid is at the core 0f the statement that embarks the country towards energy security, Thus, the Government has planned USD 60 Billion of investment in creating the gas infrastructure and has anticipated doubling the share of gas consumption from 8% to 15%. The government plans to increase the natural gas pipeline to 34,500 kms in the next five years with 6225 kms of the natural gas pipeline is under the execution stage. Presently, India had a Natural Gas Pipeline Network of 16,981 kms with a total carrying capacity of 387 MMSCMD wherein the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) has laid the highest share of India’s natural gas pipeline with a 70.32% share in the total network. Moreover, 100 more districts announced in the Budget 2021 under the CGD network augmentation shall further boost the demand for natural gas in the country and shall help to improve the efficiency of the earlier under-utilized gas pipelines (utilization at 47%) in the country.

    Key Signpost - The government is planning to set up an independent operator to manage common carrier capacity for natural gas pipelines, which would give all gas marketers a level playing field going forward.

    While the industry in India is set for V-shaped recovery, it will have to move towards creating a cleaner fuels market. Positive signs of recovery and growth were visible in the fourth quarter of 2020, as fiscal and monetary stimuli provided by the government got translated into enhanced government and private expenditure. Apart from this, the government is planning to set up an independent operator to manage common carrier capacity for natural gas pipelines. An independent gas transport system operator will be set up for facilitation and coordination of booking of common carrier capacity in all-natural gas pipelines on a non-discriminatory, open-access basis. With the establishment of an independent operator, all gas marketers will have equal and transparent access to the common carrier part of the gas pipelines and will be able to book capacity depending on its availability.

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