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Lucknow - City Facts, PEST Analysis, Key Industries & Investment Opportunity Profile

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Report Summary Detailed PEST Analysis, Key Industries Analysed with Investment Opportunities in a Boon to Self Reliant India

Lucknow - City Facts, PEST Analysis, Key Industries & Investment Opportunity Profile

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    Lucknow is the largest city and capital of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh. Nicknamed the ‘City of Nawabs’ for when it was the seat of power of the Nawab of Awadh in the 18th and 19th centuries, Lucknow today is an important Tier-II city in India.

    Lucknow is a key economic base in north India and a prominent trading city. The city also has a thriving handicrafts sector, which has grown a strong small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector where handicrafts and textiles account for about 60% of the total exports from Uttar Pradesh. In order to boost economic development in Uttar Pradesh, the government plans to develop the Kanpur-Lucknow Corridor where land was proposed to have 26% residential, 21% industrial, 20% green, 16% transportation zone and the remaining for commercial and mixed land use. Also, the government will be establishing an IT/ITeS Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to boost the technology sector in the city and invite greater FDI. Also, Lucknow is a fast-growing and industrializing Tier-II city with a government that is eager to promote business interests. Moreover, the government is likely to invest an amount of INR 1,383 crore on a new integrated terminal at Lucknow airport that shall propel the growth of a rapidly diversifying economy. With such plethora of opportunities, the city is bound to become one of the biggest investment location in India.

    Major Industries Include – Aeronautics, Automotive, Machine Tools, Chemicals, Furniture, Food Products, Agro Based Products, Handicrafts, Textile, Information Technology & Services
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