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Indian Coal Outlook & Dynamics in India - 2018

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Report Summary Analysing Domestic and International Coal Outlook  

Indian Coal Outlook & Dynamics in India - 2018

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    As coal use continues to decline in many major economies of the world due to the their adaption towards cleaner, low carbon fuels. But, these offsets in demand of coal shall be filled up by India and other Southeast Asian countries as the thermal coal consumption in these economies are projected to remain high in coming years. However, India too has set up ambitious targets for developing renewable energy , aiming for 175 GW by 2022.Having said that, the future for coal still seems optimistic , given the much anticipated increase in the power demand. Government’s initiative for “Power to All” coupled with the rapid economic growth indicates enough towards an increasing role of coal for meeting India’s electricity requirements.

    Globally, the demand for coal has been stalled and has plateaued in the west. Whereas in eastern side of the globe, situation is different. A strong growth in the demand for coal is likely to be seen in the Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia etc as it is one of the most preferred and reliable options for generating electricity in these countries. Imports in small pockets including Pakistan, Turkey & Malaysia shall also drive the demand but India being the centrifugal force is likely to witness a rise of close to 5% a year through 2021, while that in association with the southeast Asian nations will jump 7.2% a year.

    Key Queries Resolved

    • What is the likely impact on coal imports with govt. focusing more on boosting domestic production?
    • Which coal rich country may become India’s next import destination?
    • What will be the regulatory and policy outlook for domestic/imported coal in India?
    • What will be the Demand – Supply dynamics of coking/non coking coal by 2022?
    • What will be the imported coking/non coking coal dynamics of India by 2022?
    • How renewable capacity addition going to impact coal production?
    • What is the future role of India in global coal trade?
    • Could India significantly reduce its coal imports and under what conditions?
    • What will be the fate of Coal industry in near future?


    • During the June quarter (2018), CIL achieved offtake growth of 12 percent followed by 15 percent growth in production
    • Promising economic and industrial growth of the country driving massive energy and infrastructure demand
    • Continuously dipping PLFs
    • Only super critical thermal power capacity addition after 2017
    • Thrust on renewable capacity addition
    • Greater interaction between the Indian and Global coal markets
    • Paris Climate change pledges to reduce CO2 emissions

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