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Hydro & Small Hydro Outlook in India - 2018

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Report Summary Evaluating Business Case and Future Scenario of Small and Large Hydro Plants in India

Hydro & Small Hydro Outlook in India - 2018

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    The current government’s initiatives has embarked concrete avenues for renewable energy capacities from solar and wind power. Given, all the intermittent challenges like huge Capex requirement , environmental considerations and skilled manpower etc. India’s hydro sector looks to gain as well from the fillip observed in the country for clean energy generation.

    India is endowed with rich hydropower potential to the tune of 148 GW, which will be able to meet a demand of 84 GW at 60% load factor. Various factors have contributed to the slow pace of hydropower development, resulting in the declining share of hydropower in India’s energy mix. The issues have been exacerbated as hydropower development has largely remained under the ambit of state governments (water being a state-specific subject) with varying policies.

    Key Queries Resolved

    • What would be the futuristic business case for hydro power in India till 2022?
    • What would be the futuristic business case for small hydro power in India till 2022?
    • What would be the key drivers pushing the case of large hydro and small hydro in India till 2022?
    • What would be the opportunity for EPC contractors in Indian hydro segment?
    • What would be the opportunity for OEMs in Indian hydro segment?
    • What would be the opportunity for Indian Discoms?
    • What would be development case of large hydro capacity in a scenario of enhanced short term contracts from Discoms, as per planned CAPEX & Investments?
    • What would be the development case of small hydro power capacity in a scenario of high solar and wind power scenario?
    • What would be inter-country business opportunity for large hydro facet in India?


    • Government’s push on developing the clean source of electricity generation. Targeting RES capacity of 175 GW by 2022
    • Government considering lowering tariffs for new hydro-electric power projects to help them compete against cheaper forms of electricity
    • Proposal to exclude the costs of building infrastructure such as roads and bridges from tariffs to make new hydropower projects financially viable
    • Proposal to mandate inclusion of share of hydro power purchase by power utilities
    • About 95 GW of the large hydro power capacity in the country is yet to be developed, making an investment opportunity pool of close to USD 3 Billion
    • About 12.4 GW of the large hydro capacity is under construction offering an investment opportunity of USD 363 Million
    • Increasing hydro power import from neighbouring countries such as Nepal , Myanmar & Bangladesh

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