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Global Wind Energy Projects Intelligence Tracker - 2030

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Report Summary Examining country wise investment opportunity & development track for onshore & offshore wind energy globally

Global Wind Energy Projects Intelligence Tracker - 2030

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    The global wind energy sector is anticipated to reach to a market size of over 2100 GW by 2030. The global overall wind energy installed capacity is likely to cross a mark of 1000 GW by the end of FY’2023 with over 115 GW of capacity to see commissioning this FY. Nearly 37% of this capacity shall see commissioning across Asia with China absorbing the most of it. It is pertinent to note that nearly 39 GW of fresh wind energy including both onshore & offshore shall be commissioned in China during FY’2023. With these fresh capacities reaching 100% realization, the overall wind energy market size of China shall cross a mark of 315 GW by April’2024, of which 50 GW would be offshore installations safely.

    If we take a closer look at the transformation of global wind energy market, the coming decade will see an intensified focus on offshore wind as the sector matures and technology innovation and supply chain development help make offshore development more accessible in different regions of world. Offshore wind, getting widely recognized as a proven and reliable source of renewable energy—is likely to grow in the coming years. According to Eninrac’s Global Wind Project Intelligence Tracker, global installed offshore wind capacity is expected to reach 773 GW (if 100% realized) by FY’2030, up from 63 GW currently in 2023. Rapidly expanding government commitments and technological progress are contributing to the positive outlook in established markets and countries new to offshore wind.
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