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Global Solar Projects Intelligence Tracker - 2030

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Report Summary Examining the Investment Opportunity & Development Track for Global Solar Markets till 2030

Global Solar Projects Intelligence Tracker - 2030

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  • Summary
    The upcoming global solar projects offers a market size hovering b/w 450-570 USD Billion while the global solar installed capacity crossed a mark of 1000 GW in first quarter of year 2023. As of May’2023 the total solar installation across the globe hovers around 1100 GW & is anticipated to reach a capacity of approx. 2000 GW* by 2030 Asia Pacific countries are the biggest driver of such growth in solar capacities & will continue to hold a strong influence in the capacity additions as well. China commands approximately 41% of the total global solar installations, with an installed capacity above 430 GW. India has also shown a significant growth in its solar installations. The solar installed capacity of India witnessed an increase of more than 25 times over the last decade making it to reach to 68 GW from 2014 to 2023.  The active participation of India in solar energy adoption and installation showcases their commitment to renewable energy growth and sustainability in the region.
    Amidst the upward trajectory of solar energy capacity, several countries are emerging as frontrunners, demonstrating commendable efforts in expanding their contributions to the overall capacity growth by 2030.  The capacity expansions of few markets can be seen below:

    • China is set to have a significant number of upcoming solar plants (nearly 2000), with a combined capacity of  above 300 GW
    • The USA is expected to have about 740+ upcoming solar plants, with a total capacity of more than 110 GW
    • Brazil is anticipated to have 960+ upcoming solar plants with a total capacity of more than 55 GW
    • Australia is expected to have 170+ upcoming solar plants with a total capacity of  above 73 GW
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