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Faridabad - City Facts, PEST Analysis, Key Industries & Investment Opportunity Profile

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Report Summary Detailed PEST Analysis, Key Industries Analysed with Investment Opportunities in a Boon to Self Reliant India

Faridabad - City Facts, PEST Analysis, Key Industries & Investment Opportunity Profile

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    Faridabad was founded in 1607 by Shaikh Farīd, treasurer for the Mughal emperor Jahāngīr, to protect the high road between Delhi and Agra. It was constituted a municipality in 1867. A project for Pakistani refugee resettlement and light industrial development was initiated in the city in 1950.

    An enormous increase in the economic development of the city has been observed over the past decades. With the establishment of several large scale as well as small scale industries in this location, an exponential growth is witnessed in the consumer markets thereby increasing the disposable income of the city. The extensive arrangement of industrial town around Faridabad promises the inception of several leading developers in the field of residential purpose, malls, shopping centers and hotels.  The increasing development of real estate in Faridabad effectively contributes in the increasing economy of the city over the years. With strategic location and already established industrial base the city of Faridabad encompasses huge potential to be a ‘Next - Best' City for Global Industrial Re-shoring in India.

    Major Industries Include Agro-Based, FMCG, Leather Units, Breweries, Cotton, Rubber & Plastic, Metal Units, Engineering Companies, Automobile, Automobile Spare Parts

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