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Examining PPP Opportunities Across Indian Railways – Tracking New Avenues of Investment Opportunity for Railways Infrastructure Development Till 2025

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Report Summary INR 50 Lakh Crores of Investment anticipated till 2030 across Indian Railways Segment

Examining PPP Opportunities Across Indian Railways – Tracking New Avenues of Investment Opportunity for Railways Infrastructure Development Till 2025

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    Indian government has roll out a plan to have 151 privately operated trains to run on 109 identified busy routes till 2027 that offers an investment opportunity of USD 4 Billion for private players

    India owns the fourth-largest rail network across the globe which has been 100% owned and operated by the government so far. Presently, the total rail network of India stands to be 67,000 kms, with about 13000 passenger trains and 9000 freight trains carrying approximately 23 million passengers and 3.05 million tonnes of freight daily. Over the last many years the railways in India has witnessed significant growth in terms of route expansion and in the number of new trains. But in the past six years a shift in the goals of Indian railways has been observed with increased focus on improving customer service and safety, financial sustainability, modernizing the rail and stations infra, electrifying the rail networks, expanding the rail network to grow to offer great capacity & decongest crowded areas, high-speed trains. Such initiatives are crucial and shall require strong financial backing for its smooth development. Recognizing the financial imperative for these ambitious developments and timely plans for railways, Indian government has been encouraging public private partnership (PPP). GoI is scouting investments from national as well international players for overhauling the current status of railway infra in India to international standards. It has allowed 100% FDI under the automatic route for the construction, operation and maintenance of suburban corridor projects, high-speed train projects, railway electrification and signalling, among others. A significant initiative taken recently by the government is announcing the roll out plan for 151 private trains in the country to be operational by 2027 in a phased manner.

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