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Chemical & Petrochemical Market & Outlook in India - 2022

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Report Summary Market Opportunity Analysis by application and usage of chemicals, by segment (like agrochemicals, specialty chemicals & petrochemicals) & unearthing key State’s in India for investment opportunities with due diligence on future outlook

Chemical & Petrochemical Market & Outlook in India - 2022

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    India with its economic growth projections at a similar levels to the beginning of century i.e. 2000’s the demand for chemical industry shall be good enough to attract eye balls from across the globe. With A-PAC being the region attracting maximum growth scale opportunity and the relative stability in the oil prices touted as main driver shall see the countries under the positive growth margins. Given, the mature market conditions of China, India shall be the growth market rendering opportunities to the players involved in the chemical value chain extending from agrochemicals, speciality chemicals and petrochemicals at the same time.

    `Key Queries Resolved

    • What shall be in-store for India for Chemical & Petrochemical Market?
    • What shall be scale of opportunity for both domestic and foreign players under industrial gas segment market in India?
    • What shall be the opportunity for both domestic and foreign players under fertilizer market of & how shall be the outlook?
    • What shall be region wise opportunity in India for locations identified for venturing in chemical market of India – Best fit regional analysis D2I Model feed?
    • How attractive financial returns shall be if companies engage in both domestic & export demand markets?
    • What shall be opportunity as per sizing for adhesive solution providers in India and outlook till 2022?
    • What size and scale of track for synthetic dye and pigments market with focus on future outlook till 2022?
    • What size and scale of opportunity both domestic and foreign players under plastic and resin of India & outlook till 2022?
    • What shall be the key drivers and barriers to robust market growth?
    • Which company shall lead the Chemical & Petchem market in India till 2024?


    • India’s chemical sector is expected to double its size at US 300 bn by 205, clocking an annual growth rate of 8-10 per cent per annum from now on
    • Central Government of India has announced plans to ensure the robust market size by implementation of a new policy upon the sector so that domestic production could be strengthened and imports can be curbed
    • Innovative usage of plastic to be promoted which shall aid the petrochemical sector. This shall also help in R&D for better use of plastic and shall fuel the growth of petchem sector in India
    • Complete revamping of the current Petroleum, Chemicals & Petrochemicals Investment Regions (PCPIRs) policy to encourage effective and long-term investments in the sector. This in turn shall see foreign participants investing in the sector
    • Free trade Agreements (FTAs) to be promoted in India to directly aid the chemical sector in the country which in turn shall help the business case of exports from the country

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